BIENALSUR Calls for Artists and Curators


The general and artistic direction of BIENALSUR invites artists and curators to submit draft works and curatorial research to integrate the programming of its second edition, which will take place in different venues and spaces located in an expanded and multipolar territory integrates simultaneously the countries of South America, and others from Africa, Asia, Europe and Central and North America, from June to September 2019.

The proposals shall be within the horizon of contemporary theories of art and culture for contributing to think, problematize or give other views and approaches to the multiplicity of life experiences of our time.

Artists and curators of any nationality, individually or collectively, may apply to the convocation until June 30, 2018.

BIENALSUR is a project carried out by UNTREF (National University of Tres de Febrero de Buenos Aires), a public university in Argentina, which has among its purposes to contribute from South America in the creation of a cultural citizenship.

Its format and operation ensures that the art of each region is not integrated as a mere quota of diversity, but that they are presented on an equal footing from their singularities and relative positions. Therefore, among the objectives that animate this project, the constitution of a space that contributes to the development of a critical thinking with autonomy with respect to the great canonical stories stands out. It also seeks to promote the emergence of alternative practices within the world of art and culture in the production of ideas and works as well as their modes of exhibition, circulation and consumption.

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