16th Sur Global Meeting


Sur Global, a BIENALSUR platform for reflection on contemporary art and culture, presents its new edition on March 18th and 19th at the UNTREF Rectorate venue with speakers from various parts of the world.

Within the framework of the axis Visual traditions, the guest speakers will address the imaginaries anchored in each culture in order to challenge them, observe them again and reflect upon their immutable presence.

Belgian curator George Petijean, a specialist in contemporary Australian aboriginal art, will hold a discussion with French artist Laurent Grasso, whose works feature a fascination with the visual possibilities related to the electromagnetic energy science, radio waves, and natural phenomena. Addressed by 18th century scientists and philosophers, these topics were used for entertainment in the Victorian era saloons. 

In turn, Mexican artist Betsabée Romero will talk about her work, which presents a critical view on issues such a migration, miscegenation and mobility through the resemantization of symbols and everyday rites in the culture of global consumption. 

The topic Art and Urgency alludes to the pressing problematic of migrants addressed from diverse perspectives, e.g. the work of Colombian curator Alex Brahim, who conducted the project Together Apart for the first edition of BIENALSUR, with pieces by artists building a common identity between people from various countries that were showcased in a border city of Colombia.

Brahim will hold a conversation with Artist Soraya Abu Naba’a, whose works look into the prevailing cultural divide in the Caribbean island Hispaniola, the location of two sovereign states, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Within the conceptual axis Art and Inclusion, which aims to celebrate differences and bring about a transformation in the way we look at and think about the others, Brazilian curator and researcher João Kulcsár will address the project Teaching Visual Literacy that he coordinates in Brazil. 

Under the title Art and Artificial Intelligence, Italian curator Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, Director of the MAXXI of Rome, will discuss the exhibition “Low form”, featured at this Italian museum until March 24th. The show proposes an exploration of the technological and surrealist imaginary of contemporary artists, in an era when technological progress grows exponentially, and raises questions about the future relationship between humans and machines. 

Finally, to close these two days of debates, Aníbal Jozami (General Director of BIENALSUR and Rector of the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero), along with Diana Wechsler (Artistic-Academic Director of BIENALSUR), will present the conceptual guidelines and the cartography of this new edition of the biennial, a constellation of over 150 exhibitions organized between June and November in various cities of twenty countries with artists from all over the world.

BIENALSUR 2019 builds a new geography that is not based on territorial borders but on a solidary global multicultural community and that strives to keep up with the pace of contemporary creations and to promote the access of large audiences to a wide array of artistic expressions.   


Km: 3

Dirección: Juncal 1319

City : Buenos Aires


From 18/03/2019

To 19/03/2019