The Worlds


 This video installation is part of the 7 chapters of the project As far as we could get (2017), which are entitled Axis, History, The Revenge of Love, The Other, Ideologies, Antipodes, The World. This video projection contains documentary and fictional elements. Iván Argote builds an imaginary channel between Indonesia and Colombia, or more precisely, between the town hall of Palembang and a city called Neiva. These two cities are antipodal to one another – a strange coincidence only shared by six other cities in the world. In both places, the artist rents large notice boards to announce the opening of a film called The Revenge of Love. The camera then switches between the two places showing similarities rather than differences. 


Km: 0

City : Buenos Aires


From 11/09/2017

To 04/02/2018


Iván Argote (COL-FRA)