Multiple inaugurations in Chile


BIENALSUR 2019, the second edition of the cultural event of contemporary art from Argentina to the world, from July 17, opens a new chapter of its unique cartography in Chilean territory with exhibitions in Santiago de Chile, Cerrillos and Valparaíso and continues until November displaying works by 400 artists in more than 100 venues - with which it works jointly and collaboratively - in 43 cities in 20 countries.

The International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America, organized by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), expands its cartography with new inaugurations on Chilean soil. There, exhibitions will take place in different venues in the city of Santiago de Chile and in Cerrillos with works by Katia Sepúlveda, Graciela Sacco, Martha Rosler, Cildo Meireles and Elda Cerrato.

From July 17 to 19 at the Centro Cultural Matucana 100 in Santiago de Chile will take place the action "First critical feminary, open laboratory” (“Primer feminario crítico, laboratorio abierto") by artist Katia Sepúlveda (CHL), an open, free and collaborative three-day call - curated by Carolina Herrera Águila (CHL) - to discuss feminist/colonialist/capitalist/racist narratives. The following day -the 20th of July at 11 o'clock- in the same cultural space, Sepúlveda will carry out an action called "Tecno-class a la xeno-clase, lecture performances", which consists of a narration on the genealogy of the relationship that feminism has had with the term "class".

On July 19 at 12:30 in the Museum of Memory and Human Rights of the Chilean capital the inauguration of "Presences" will take place, with works by Graciela Sacco (Rosario, 1956-2017) and curatorship by Diana Wechsler BIENALSUR team. The works titled "Who was it?", "Eyes" and "T4" will be displayed until August 4 both in the esplanade and in the audiovisual room of the museum.

Also on July 19 at 18.30, Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles will give a talk at the Fine Arts Museum of Chile located at José Miguel de La Barra 650, along with Juliana Gontijo (BRA) and Ana María Risco (CHL). It will be just one day before the inauguration, on July 20 at 12 noon, of his exhibition "Near from far away" (“Cerca de lejos”) which will take place at the National Center of Contemporary Art Cerrillos, curated by Juliana Gontijo (BRA). In his first solo show in Chile, Meireles installs an emphatic and at the same time paradoxical reflection in which the public is led to other possible orders.

Then, on July 25 at 7.30 p.m. at the MAC Contemporary Art Museum, University of Chile will hold "If you lived here” “(Si tu vivieras aquí") an exhibition that brings together a wide selection of works by U.S. artist and activist Martha Rosler on gender, conflict and displacement, curated by Mariagrazia Muscatello (ITA) and Montserrat Rojas Corradi (CHL). 

The exhibition, which takes shape as a result of the translation of the title of Rosler's work "If you lived here" from 1989, answers a question about the current questioning of identities understood as the last nucleus of contemporary resistance, through works that cross historical documentation, the body and gender as constituent axes of reality.

"The title of the exhibition, intentionally translated into Spanish, opens up other views and reflections in the Latin American context, where other narratives take place, symbolically referring to the issue of experiences related to a physical, political and temporal territory. In the Chilean reality, it refers specifically to the current human displacements and to the conformation of the post-dictatorship national identity", explain the curators. 

In the same museum there will be an actuation with the artist, simultaneously with the MUNTREF Venue Hotel de Inmigrantes (where Rosler exhibits the library on art and feminism "Maybe this time it will be different").

Meanwhile, on August 8 at 7.30 p.m., the Argentinean Italian artist Elda Cerrato (1930) will perform an interference at the Fine Arts National Museum in Santiago de Chile, titled "Record a sign. Elda Cerrato [1972-1973]" curated by Gloria Cortés Aliaga. Through the reproduction of her installations censored in 1972 in Argentina, the artist takes part in the exhibition "From here to modernity” (“De aquí a la modernidad"), which belongs to the Museum's collection.

On August 9 at 6 p.m., at the Centex - Extension Center of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage in Valparaíso, " Passage 0" (Travesía 0) will take place an exhibition resulting from an exchange between artists from the Manuel Musto Municipal School of Art in Rosario (Argentina) and the Municipal School of Fine Arts in Valparaíso. In addition, there will be an action in the neighborhood of La Loma with neighbors and artists Henry Serrano (CHL), Francisco Olivares (CHL), Ignacio Saavedra (CHL) and several others.