BIENALSUR 2019 opened in Rosario on june 5th and 6th


BIENALSUR 2019, the second edition of the greatest cultural event of contemporary art from Argentina to the world, reaches the city of Rosario on June 5th and 6th. After its impressive launch, it thus continues to unfold its cartography until November, with exhibitions by 400 artists at over 100 venues, including museums, cultural centres and emblematic public spaces of 43 cities of 20 countries, all free of charge. 

BIENALSUR 2019, the second edition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America, reaches the Argentine riverside on June 5th and 6th with the opening of four of its venues in the city of Rosario, the homeland of so many artists from our country.
As of June 5th, the Macro Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario will host the show "Two Museums and a River", which gathers works by the prominent Argentine artists León Ferrari, Liliana Maresca, Marcelo Pombo and Graciela Sacco, among others. Featuring works from the Castagnino and Macro Museums, the exhibition confronts pieces from a museum of fine arts and modern art with those from a contemporary art museum. The latter museum upholds a notion of the contemporary that is not defined in terms of a chronological period, but rather from an exploratory perspective. The intention is to produce short circuits and synergies capable of enhancing the significance of the exhibited works thus triggering new lines of meaning.
In the words of the curator of the exhibition, Paraguayan Ticio Escobar, "The figure of the river, so present at the Macro, is not a trope in itself, but an element that raises questions about the flow of images, the environment, the enigma of the opposite shores, the central figure of the difference (between artistic and subjective genres) and the sign of a regional history strongly marked by a powerful and visible river, a witness to different events and a decisive feature of the shared territory in the South".
In turn, the Museo de la Memoria will host the installations "Burladero" by Esteban Álvarez and "Optical Disillusion" by Leo Nuñez from Argentina, an interactive installation that commemorates the sports celebrations in Argentina during the 1978 World Cup, just metres away from the clandestine detention centre where the worst atrocities were secretly perpetrated by the last civil-military dictatorship.
On June 6th, at the Parque de España Cultural Centre, sounds and silences made by men and machines will be interfering with the public as they approach the various pieces on the itinerary of "Practices on Work". This exhibition features videos, installations and photographs by Tnani Ali (TUN), Chen Chieh-Jen (CHN), Diego Masi (URY), Federico Mattioli (ARG), Yohnattan Mignot (URY), Antonella Aparicio (ARG), Karla Buzó (ARG) Duygu Nazli Akova (TUR), Catalina Sosa (ARG) and Viviana Zargón (ARG).
From that day on, the Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas will be showcasing an exhibition resulting from the creative and revolutionary drive brought about by the feminist movement NUM. "Let's Recover the Imagination to Change History", curated by the Ni Una Menos Project (Not one woman less), raises questions about which stories can be told, which bodies are visible and which narratives are legible. This living archive in constant movement brings together very contemporary works created in the heat of the feminist action, which not only denounce the cisgender/heterosexual norm (the matrix of our system), but also activate alternatives and re-readings.
In addition, Argentine artist Noemí Escandell (ARG), born in Cañada de Gómez in 1968, a pioneer of minimalism in Latin America and one of the artists that participated in "Tucumán is Burning", will present the installation "Curvy" at the colourful Paseo de las Artes.