Art and Space Forum


Artists whose main theme is space will be exhibited at the Art and Space Forum, which will take place from 13 to 15 August.

With the aim of highlighting the value of interdisciplinary work in the artistic process and identifying strategies that allow the boundaries between disciplines to be erased, professionals from different areas and who have space as the substance for their creations, will exhibit on astronautics, astronomy, astrobiology and cosmology at the Forum of Art and Space to be held from 13 to 15 August at MUNTREF Centro de Arte y Ciencia y en el Centro Cultural de la Ciencia (C3).

Thanks to scientific and technological progress, the secrets of space began to be revealed and the conquest of places far from Earth ceased to be a utopia. This communion allowed, exactly 50 years ago, man to leave the Earth's atmosphere for the first time and step on the Moon, in an action that demonstrated the main similarity between the artist and the space explorer: the need to discover and experience new territories, create consciousness and expand life and humanity beyond our limits.

The invited professionals from Argentina are Erica Bohm, visual artist; Ximena Abrevaya, doctor in Biological Sciences (IAFE - Conicet); Florencia Laura Vieyro, doctor in Astronomy (IAR - Conicet) and the duo Faivovich & Goldberg, visual artists. From China the artist and engineer Xin Liu (MIT) will be present; from Australia the artist and astronaut Sarah Jane Pell (International Astronautical Federation) will participate; from the United States the artist and engineer Gershom Dublon (MIT), and from Spain and the United Kingdom Albert Barqué-Duran, artist and researcher.

Participants: Christiana Kazakou (GBR), Sarah Jane Pell (AUS), Xin Liu (CHI), Erica Bohm (ARG), Ximena Abrevaya (ARG), Florencia Laura Vieyro (ARG), Guillermo Faivovich (ARG), Nicolás Goldberg (FRA), among others.


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Km: 5.55

Dirección: Godoy Cruz 2270 CABA

Ville: Buenos Aires


Du 13/08/2019

Au 14/08/2019


Sarah Jane Pell (AUS)

Xin Liu (CHN)

Erica Bohm (ARG)

Christiana Kazakou (GBR)

Ximena Abrevaya (ARG)

Florencia Laura Vieyro (ARG)

Guillermo Faivovich (ARG)

Nicolás Goldberg (FRA)