Bolivia está BIENALSUR


BIENALSUR 2019, the second edition of the cultural event of contemporary art from Argentina to the world, extends its cartography in August to La Paz and Potosí, Bolivia, with new artistic proposals. Organized by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), the biennial unfolds across the globe, simultaneously, until November, with exhibitions of 400 artists in more than 100 venues - with which it works jointly and collaboratively - 43 cities in 20 countries. 

The International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America continues to add artistic proposals in August, open to the public, in different venues of its unique cartography as is the case of the Bolivian cities of La Paz and Potosí.

On August 8th at 7pm in the Bolivian capital, "Fricciones" can be seen at the Cultural Center of Spain in La Paz with works by artists such as Mariela Scafati (ARG), Yolanda Mamani (BOL), Alejandra Alarcón (BOL/MEX), Katia Sepúlveda (CHL) and BIENALSUR curatorship by Fernando Farina (ARG) and Juan Fabbri (BOL).

Meanwhile, on August 16th at 7pm, the exhibition of the same name will be inaugurated at the Casa Nacional de la Moneda in Potosí with works by Claudia Coca (PER), Santiago Contreras (BOL), Airson Eraclito (BRA), Marcelo Masa͂gao (BRA), Coco Lasso (ECU), Enrique Ježik (ARG/MEX), Serena Vargas (BOL), among others. 

This exhibition is presented as an essay that takes as its starting point Bolivia, crossed by a colonial past that deeply marked the bodies and memories and reflects on the mechanisms of domination and marginalization that subsist for racial, ethnic or nationality reasons, in different sectors of the population of other countries in the region. 

Later, on September 6, it will also be shown at the National Museum of Art in La Paz, with works by artists José Ballivián (BOL), Iván Cáceres (BOL), Pamela Cevallos (ECU), Claudia Coca (PER), Airson Eraclito (BRA), Enrique Ježik (ARG/MEX), Vera Martins (BRA), Marcelo Masa͂gao (BRA), Beatriz Millón Sánchez (MEX), José Carlos Romero (ARG), Katia Sepúlveda (CHL), Antonio Turok (MEX/USA).

With an unprecedented cartography, BIENALSUR erases borders, thinks with artists between the local and the global, works in collaboration and in permanent dialogue with the demands and interests of each venue in which the most diverse contemporary artistic proposals are displayed.