BIENALSUR Documentaries


BIENALSUR seeks to give visibility to the processes of thought, exploration and research carried out during the development of the different artistic projects produced for each edition. This is how the BIENALSUR DOCUMENTARIES are made, a witness account emerging from the silent accompaniment of the cameras belonging to the UNTREF Media team, the audiovisual production area of the Argentine University of Tres de Febrero. These films are set in an amorphous space − as is much in the field of art and research − lying between the exploration of the territory and the creation of an artistic project. With images varying from the spectacular visions of natural landscapes to the close intimacy engendered by the foreground of a small sketch, these documentaries aim to bring the artistic process of creation closer to the general public.

Km: 2899

Venue: Centro Sociocultural Walter Buscemi

Address: F. Minkyol 175

City: Río Grande



Angelika Markul (POL-FRA)

Katsuhiko Hibino (JPN)

Christian Boltanski (FRA)

Charly Nijensohn (ARG-DEU)

Eduardo Srur (BRA)

Maxim Holland (PER)

Reza Deghati (IRN-FRA)


Diana Wechsler (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Art and Nature

From 19/05/2019

To 08/10/2019