Utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary Landscapes

The curatorial proposal seeks to put into play the existing tension between the traditional concept of landscapes, meaning the representation of unadulterated nature, and contemporary artistic productions on the same theme. The landscape thus becomes the object of the artist’s critical view, biased so as to draw in the observer and their reality. Using different formats and materialities, landscapes are deconstructed, turned into abstraction, and rebuilt, on the networks. The presence of an urban horizon, the perspective of a situation unassailable for its violence, makes a statement about the use and abuse of our natural surroundings.

Km: 4236

Venue: MAAC Guayaquil - Museum of Archeology and Contemporary Art - UArtes

Address : Av. Malecón Simón Bolívar y Calle Loja

City : Guayaquil



Paul Rosero Contreras (ECU)

Robert Cahen (FRA)

Andrea Ostera (ARG)

Berna Reale (BRA)

Marcos Bonisson (BRA)

Pablo-Martín Córdoba (ARG-FRA)

Mónica de Miranda (PRT)

Alice Miceli (BRA)

José M. Ramírez (VEN)

Dani Spadotto (BRA)

Guido Yannitto (ARG)

Denise Gadelha (BRA)

Khalil Charif (BRA)

Carlos Gomez Centurion (ARG)

Juan Carlos León (ECU)

Carolina Barros (CHL)


Fernando Farina (ARG)

Marina Aguerre (ARG)

Curatorial axes:

Art and Nature



From 2019/11/14

To 2020/02/28