The natural and the artificial in the eyes of Costan Rican artist Jonathan Torres


Costa Rican artist and sculptor Jonathan Torres gave a free talk at the Muntref Center for Art and Nature, in which he talked about his works made with discarded materials: "Not as my endorsement of an ecological discourse but because I consider waste as the raw material of contemporaneity.”

 "The platitude that Costa Rica is a natural paradise is not quite true. This dichotomy has made me reflect a lot upon my work, which I create with the waste that people throw away," pointed out Torres during the activity organized by BIENALSUR and the Master's Degree in Technology and Aesthetics of the Electronic Arts of Untref. The inquiry into the dynamics arising between the natural and the artificial is one of the constants in the work of this plastic artist and professor of the University of Costa Rica, who has made sculptures of bees and insects, an "invented fauna" that allows him to "envisage the near future".

"What would the future be like if animals became extinct and had to be replaced with technologically made animals? Bees are at risk of extinction and if they disappear, we will follow suit," mused Torres (1978) during his presentation. "The idea of how things degrade in the environment is always present in my artistic work," asserted the author of projects such as ‘Of the Parts and the Whole’, ‘Interrelations’ and ‘Plague’.”

"I use biomimetics in my works. It's not about copying nature but finding a metaphor for the way it works, or finding its poetry and applying it", said the Costa Rican artist, who also spoke with Argentine artist and biologist Pablo Lapadula in a counterpoint that revealed the points of contact between art and nature addressed by both artists in their works.

Lapadula's exhibition "Fantastic Zoology”, which ranges from illustrations that allude to the scientific image to a cabinet of curiosities oscillating between art and science, was the setting for the talk, in the particular context of the Muntref venue at the old Confitería del Águila, in the former zoo, an Eco Park currently under construction.


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