"Terrestrial triangle" Project (Maxim Holland and Hawapi project, Peru)

The first pre-production stage of the "Terrestrial triangle" Project, produced by UNTREF and Hawapi within the framework of BIENALSUR, concluded with the participation of artists from Chile, Peru, Bolivia and the United States.

As part of this project, a group of artists travelled to the so called Terrestrial Triangle on the border between Chile and Peru, a territory currently under litigation.

The idea is to create in the participating artists a greater commitment to various communities and towns that are seriously affected by a number of social, political, economic and environmental issues.

After the meeting, a summary of the activities of the project will be published and the original works by these artists based on their on site experience will be exhibited between September and December 2017 within the frameork of BIENALSUR.

Since artists from both countries will be working together in this area of conflict for the first time ever, this major project is in line with the objectives of BIENALSUR: to seek regional cultural integration while respecting diversities.


Maxim Holland (Peru)
Gabriel Acevedo (Peru)
Elizabeth Vázquez Arbulú (Peru)
Ishmael Randall Weeks (Peru)
Sergio Abugattas (Peru)
Andrés Pereira Paz (Bolivia)
Yoav Horesh (Israel)
Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira (Chile)
Konantú (Courtney Smith & Iván Navarro) (USA / Chile)
Agencia de Borde (Chile)
Huanchaco (Peru)
Gabriel Armijo O´Higgins (Peru)