Project "Pets"
(Eduardo Srur, Brazil)

Eduardo Srur plans to bring to Argentina a version of his project "PETS", a large-scale installation representing an artistic reflexion on water pollution. It will be an itinerant intervention with floating sculptures entirely made of PET bottles in the Paraná River, Rosario, the Delta and the Riachuelo in Buenos Aires.

The first version of this project was conducted in the highly polluted Tietê River, which runs through the city of Sao Paulo. Srur’s works use the public space in order to focus on the environmental and everyday issues of major cities, thus enhancing the presence of art in society and bringing it close to the people.

"I used painting at the beginning of my career, but at one point I realized that the city could be a blank canvas for my interventions and artistic proposals", said Srur. The principle underlying his works is "the recycling of the gaze", which seeks to "reflect upon how we live in our erroneous urban landscape."