Project "Who was it?" (Graciela Sacco, Argentina)

“Who dunnit?” (Graciela Sacco, Argentina)
Urban Interference. A project of urban space signalling.
Cities have always been instrumental in the work of this artist. Human history can be read on their walls as if they were the pages of a book. Those who inhabited the cities, conceived them and created their memory are present among the cracks of those walls. This observation gives rise to urban “interferences”, a way for artistic practice to burst into the public space.
“Who dunnit?” invades the public space and, in turn, questions the private space, a tautological way of introducing an image that operates conceptually on everyday gestures that are readily recognizable. A daunting, accusatory, disturbing finger points at us. To put it in biblical words: Who can cast the first stone?
This project consists of an intervention with blown-up images at several train stations of Latin American cities. Stations are everyday familiar spaces of total indifference, of acknowledging what is ours and what we wish for. They are places of inevitable intersections, meetings and conflicts inhabited by permanent contradictory articulations. Action and repression, thousands and thousands of people in continuous motion, a blazing energy: Who dunnit?