Regina Silveira at BIENALSUR

Brazilian artist Regina Silveira is currently preparing a work for this edition of BIENALSUR, which will be exhibited in the Argentine cities of Buenos Aires, San Juan and Rosario.

Silveira’s assitant Eduardo Verderame visited these cities in order to conduct activities related to the process of the work. He also ran workshops at the Franklin Rawson Museum in San Juan and at the School of Humanities and Arts in Rosario, where the participants left their palm prints on paper. The artist will be using those prints for a large urban intervention.

Verderame also gave a conference on Regina Silveira’s work at La Toma, Rosario.

These activities were endorsed by the Art and Contemporaneity Centre of the School of Humanities and Arts, the Culture and Education Department of the Municipality of Rosario, the Franklin Rawson Museum, and BIENALSUR.